How to Layer Necklaces | 5 Tips for Nailing Down the Look

Welcome Babes! 
Hello Luna Lux Babes and welcome to our very first blog post! We love our growing community so we thought it was time that we connect on a deeper level with you all and write about our favorite topics from jewelry, to traveling, beauty, fashion and so much more. 
Now let's jump right into our first blog. Let's chat on how to layer gold filled necklaces. When it comes to layering we feel there is really no right or wrong way. To us, it's as if we're creating art and expressing our own personal style. It's okay though if you feel you aren't sure what Luna Lux Gems piece goes best with each other, it can be overwhelming trying to create that perfect everyday layer and that is why we're creating this post! 
1. Combine Different Chain Lengths 
We love to start off with a shorty chain. We recommend that your first necklace is around 12"-14" inches long. Depending on the length, this will sit right on the neck or hit nicely above the collarbone. Click here to check out what shorty chains we have for you! Then we recommend that the length of the middle necklace should be 15"-16.5" inches long. That will hit right in the center and can even add one or two middle length chains if you want to spice it up! Lastly we think the last chain length should be around 17.5"-19" inches long, this will create a gap between the middle chain giving this a nice flow to your layering.
2. Combine Different Styles 
 Don't be afraid to build when you're layering, just go with what feels right and create your magic. Half the fun of layering is adding styles and chains that contrast  each other. Don't ignore the options for choosing chains with different texture and weight as well. A little tip if you don't want all your necklaces to get tangled up: if each chain is different, they are unlikely to intertwine with one another because of the different texture each one has! 
3. Combining in Odd Numbers 
Many people follow the "rule of three" when layering up, which is totally fine, but we feel that you shouldn't be afraid of adding more odd numbers! When it comes to gold filled jewelry, we feel the more the better. In our many layering trial and error, we find that combination of three or five pieces is the best look. Ultimately the best way to find your perfect combination to fit your personal style is to figure out the pendants, texture and chain length that works best for you! 
4. No Tangle Mess Here 
Now that you have an idea of how you want to layer but you're scared of all the tangles! Well have no fear we have an amazing and easy solution for that. Have you seen our necklace separator?! All you have to do is attach the clasp part on the separator to your extension and attach the clasp of your necklace to the ring. This will guarantee no tangles and keep your necklaces a nice couple inches apart making your layering game 100% at all times! 
5. Stay True to You! 
At the end of the day, it's important to stay true to who you are and what makes you the happiest! If you are a "less is more" type of person, that is totally and 100% okay. Just find the pieces that speak to you and simplify the guidelines we provided, or you can even say "no thanks, doing my own thing!" If you are bold and love to be covered in jewelry head to toe, GO FOR IT. We're here to still remind you babes to be confident in your own skin, everything you do is art from how you put your jewelry on, to what pieces you love the most. It is all a form of art because that is you expressing yourself! Never forget who you are and just do you, boo. 
We hope you babes enjoyed our very first blog post on 5 tips on how to style and layer necklaces! Please leave a comment down below and let us know what you would like for us to talk about next. Thank you for being apart of our beautiful community. Sending so much love! 
- Mia xo 


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