Our Story

 O U R  M A N T R A 
Luna Lux Gems is a minimalist jewelry brand that focuses on high quality at an affordable cost. Our jewelry is intended for everyday wear that is timeless and complements any outfit for any personal style. Luna Lux Gems' name was inspired by the moon and stars and our intention with each piece is that we want you to shine like the true gem that you are. Our goal is to build confidence in women with attainable, quality accessories while maintaining a guilt-free price point. 
F O U N D E R  
Mia Vaughn, the founder of Luna Lux Gems, has been in the industry for over 7 years and wanted to take matters into her own hands to create a jewelry line that can be worn for everyday and make people feel confident + empowered in their own skin. All of the pieces are designed by Mia with love and precious materials. Behind each design, the intention is simplicity, yet to maintain originality. Mia wanted to create a jewelry experience where anyone can enjoy buying and wearing Luna Lux Gems without the excessive markups because she truly believes that everyone deserves the finer things in life, especially jewelry.